Basically, hair oil application is of great importance, since you can increase the strength and quality of the hair and act as a great remedy for headache.

Also it help in calmness of mind, and its also involved in sleep improvement.

Every one applys the hair oil with different purpose.
Below is different reason for hair oil application and when should hair oil be used .

1) Hair oil application for growth ,shiny and quality hair

To prevent early grey hair, splint hair, and to promote high quality hair growth, it highly advisable to apply the mask for hair in the night and then in the morning take a warm water head bath.

The application should be done on the root hair, scalp and to the length of the hair.This greatly improve the growth and the quality of your hair.

Approximately, if you are taking a head bath like two times in a week, you should apply the hair oil on the night before day of the head bath.

Hair oil application during the day is not advisable because the hair oil my tend to attract dust over the hair when you are out in the sun.

But still you can still apply the minimum quantity of the hair oil during the day at home and if you only love and enjoy applying the oil during the day, and it should applied directly to the hair root.

2) hair oil application for scalp and dandruff infection.

When applying hair oil for scalp or dandruff treatment, especially if the hair oil is processed by neem and other herbs that my be having bad odour, the application should be done within a time period of 30 minute to one hour before head bath.

Hot water head bath can be of great help.
The oil should be thoroughly applied to the scalp and root hair.

3) Hair oil application for headache relieve.

When applying hair oil for headache relieve purposes, the prescribed hair oil should be applied in the evening at around 5 to 6 PM.
Basically, the headache is mostly associate with Vata, which control the movement of the mind and body.

And the vats mostly take dominance in evening, hence you should apply the oil for headache relieve.

4) Hair oil application for good night sleep.

When applying hair oil for good night sleep, the hair oil application should be done at night, specifically 30 minute after food.
A gentle and a cool massage after hair oil application will serve the purpose better.

If you are in chemical treatment like smoothing or hair colour, its highly advisable to to do hair oil application 3 time a week.
This is because the applied chemical keeps damaging the hair, and hence the application help in regrowth of the damaged hair.

It’s not advisable to apply the hair oil after bath since your hairs will not be nourished instead the hair will be damaged.
The hair damage is resulted by mixing of the hair oil with the dust and in the next day it will work like a scrub, which can remove your hair making it look dull.

Using Hair Oil to fix your problems