Northwave Executive Condominium brings a lot of investment opportunities. They are planes to provide much more than your expectations. These Executive Condominium looks bigger and feels luxurious than most of the regular condominium available in Singapore. This project is located near to the central region in the junction of Gambas Avenue and Woodlands Avenue 12. This project is full of modern amenities and space. It includes 6 blocks of 16 storeys apartment with a large number of carparks and a wide range of unit types.

The Perfect Location

The Woodlands is all set to have a bright future with a number of opportunities for the residents. It is planned to be Republic’s Northern Regional Centre over the next 5 to 10 years with a number of commercial plans. According to the latest reports by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, this location has a potential for over 100,000 jobs. A new expressway extending North-South which will connect Woodlands to the city is said to be ready by 2026.

Subsidized by Government

The Government subsidized the land to the developers so as to build condominiums like the Northwave ( for the first time buyers. These condominiums are no less than private property. The government took this action to enable nationals with average incomes to buy a private space. The buyer should be a Singapore national with a yearly income of less than $14,000. They are allowed to sell the property only to a Singapore national only after 5 years.

Well Utilized Space

All the units of the Northwave Executive Condominium are an amazing example of space utilization. They seem much superior to other condominiums for the same price range. The architecture seems very proportionate giving importance to all the elements of a perfect condominium. You will not get to extra thin corridors, large balconies, tiny kitchen, and desynchronized bathroom. The large floor to ceiling windows is the highlight of the units that floods natural lights to every corner.

Superior Medical Facilities

This project is designed considering every factor of a township. It features plans for round the clock medical facilities where doctors of medical practice will be available. It includes medical practices of elder care and child care also. The residents will not have to worry about their ill health.

Luxurious environment

These Executive Condominiums feature luxurious environment keeping your comfort in mind. These facilities include a waterfall themed outdoor pool for a relaxing evening after day’s work. The Singapore Community club will also be located inside a shopping mall. There will also be a joggers and cyclist track built all around the perimeter to enjoy the lush green environment. The residents might also be able to enjoy the communal relish facilities in an air-conditioned environment without any added cost.

360 Connectivity

This project is well connected to all the public places. It will take only 15 minutes’ walk to the Admiralty MRT station. The Sun Plaza, located near Semarang MRT station merely takes a 10 minutes’ drive. There are some schools around the Admiralty MRT station, and there are also plans to build hawker center very soon. Some of the elite schools like Singapore American School and Singapore Sports School are also located at a walking distance. Your children will be able to utilize a safe, short, and direct passage to the schools from the condominium.

Northwave EC in Singapore