Whether you’re a small local business unloading trucks for a few hours in the afternoon or a large company with multiple warehouses utilising forklifts all day long; forklifts are crucial to your operation. If you’re considering introducing a forklift into your business but you find yourself sitting on the fence, this article will demonstrate exactly how a forklift purchase is a worthy investment.

Prior to introducing a forklift into your place of business at Santa Fe Springs, how did you cope? Did you have staff manually moving the stock by hand? Have you been using the antiquated ‘hand pump’ pallet jacks? Perhaps you simply avoided ordering large quantities of stock. All of these responses to not having a forklift have a cost to your organisation. In addition, here are four other ways in which forklifts practically pay for themselves.

Safety First

Being that forklifts have been designed to lift heavy loads with minimal effort, they are probably one of the most effective ways to ensure your staff are protected from labour intensive injuries. Safer workplaces also result in lower insurance premiums and a reduction in workers compensation claims. Not only will your staff be healthier physically, your company will also benefit from increased productivity.

Made To Last

These ‘work-horses’ of the industrial world are made to last several lifetimes. In fact it could be said that when humans have become extinct, forklifts might just inherit the world. Okay, perhaps not. However when properly maintained, they will serve any workplace well into the future. It’s one of those purchases you make once that will continue to benefit your company for decades to come. Where staff will come and go, your forklift will always be there ready to do your bidding.

Minimal Devaluation

Buying a car can be problematic, especially when you’re endeavouring to select a vehicle which won’t lose too much of it’s value too soon. This however is not the case with forklifts. While a new forklift will almost always be worth more than a used one, forklifts are prized possessions and being that they are unique vehicles which impact positively on the bottom line of companies world wide, you can rest easy knowing that if you ever decided to sell your forklift, you could recoup a significant portion of your investment.

It’s All About Volume

Forklifts enable you to move more product with less effort. This means you no longer need to rely on manual handling to get the job done. As a result you can order larger quantities of stock to store on your premises thus saving you more money as you’re able to buy in bulk. There is a very good reason why warehouses all over the world trust forklifts – because they can handle volume very efficiently. Unloading massive trucks, rearranging vast amounts of stock and storing products up high in racks which gives warehouses more usable space. Volume; is the bulk of the value a forklift can provide.

It depends on the size of your company, the product(s) you process and your business model, however a forklift will surely earn it’s keep and then some in a relatively short period of time.

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