Congratulations! You just married the person of your dreams, had a beautiful ceremony, a romantic honeymoon and now you are ready to take their last name.

But how? Is it hard? Is it time consuming?

No, its not hard and it is not time consuming! The explanation can be seen onĀ, let me elaborate more on just how easy it is to change your name. I recently changed my name and it was much simpler than I thought it was going to be.

What I did not know was that you could not just go to the DMV and request a new ID card with your new last name. In fact, that is the second place you should visit after visiting the local Social Security Administration office.

So learn from my mistake, and don’t waste your time waiting in line at the DMV for them to tell you to go to the Social Security office first.

Prepare the following items and information prior to going to the Social Security Office:

    • Certified Marriage Certificate (please note that the marriage license is not the same as the
    • Picture Identification (Drivers License, Identification Card or Passport)
    • Your Social Security Number
    • Your Mothers first, middle and maiden Name
    • Your Mothers Social Security number (if known)
    • Your Fathers first, middle and last name
    • Your Fathers Social Security number (if known)
    • Your City and State of birth
    • Your race and nationality
    • Your Legal Status
    • A current mailing address
    • A current telephone number


Once you get to the office, you will wait in line to check in with registration. Let them know that you are requesting a name change due to a recent marriage, and they will get you out of there in no time since it is one of the simpler processes they are responsible for. The clerk will give you a ticket, and the 88-5 form. The form is one page, and simple to fill out. While waiting for your number to be called to meet with the clerk that will “interview” you, fill the form out. The interview isn’t an actual interview, but really an appointment to complete your name change.

Once called, the clerk will ask for your ID, marriage certificate, and completed SS-S form. He or she will also recite to you a legal statement, that you swear the information given is correct to the best of your knowledge. The clerk will give you a reciept, and you will recieve your new Social Security card within 10 to 14 business days.

After receiving your new Social Security card, head to the DMV, change you name with your bank, provide your new Social Security Card to your work. And last but not least, work on that new signature!

Changing of Social Security Details