18 wheeler trucks are a backbone of the transport sector. They are used to transport nearly everything from food to materials from one place to another.Despite playing a big role in our survival they are prone to accidents, and normally when it happens, it usually leads to fatalities and some serious injuries, be sure to take a look at your lawyer website beforehand. However, there are may ways on how to avoid accidents in an 18 wheeler.

First things first. It is important for a driver to ensure that your 18 wheeler is in a good condition for the roads. That is making sure that the brakes are working properly, all the lights are in perfect conditions and that the wheels are in good shape. You should always carry spare tires in case there is a puncture, or they blow out. The washers should also be in a good condition not forgetting that the airbags should be checked regularly. The driver should also be in good health, not under the influence of drugs or alcohol as this impairs vision and judgment of the driver.Moreover, they should have had enough rest before hitting the road.

It is crucial for a driver to put on the safety belt before driving. This usually prevents a driver from hitting the steering wheel or windscreen when a driver suddenly applies brakes. Though many people ignore this, it is a temporary guarantee that you will reach your destination safely.

It is important for any driver to maintain a certain distance from the vehicle ahead of you. This gives you time to respond to any emergencies coming your way. If you drive too close to the person ahead then in the situation of emergency braking, you will rum into the back of the other vehicle causing other accidents on the road. Furthermore, there may be cases of tire blows which may cause the 18 wheeler ahead to veer off the road leading to an accident.

While on the highway with other trucks and cars, it is important that you pay attention to your environment along the road. This translates to avoiding all manner of destruction, starting with avoiding the usage of mobile phones while driving. Replying to text messages shifts your attention from the road.If you are a passenger, always be aware on what the driver is doing as they tend to fall asleep due to lack of enough sleep.

When approaching an area considered dangerous, it is important that you drive with a slow speed. These areas can be constructions sites or when moving downhill.It is important that you always be ready to apply brakes thus reducing the risk of an accident.

Like any other vehicle on our roads, 18 wheelers have quite a large blind spot, that is areas that the drivers have limited visibility.This may be immediately behind another trailer where the visibility of the driver and passenger is limited.

Apart from the above, you should also avoid making sudden stops as it may cause obstruction to other road users, as trucks take quite some time to come to a halt.You should also avoid making a sudden change of lanes.

If all the above guidelines are followed, you are assured of avoiding accidents in an 18 wheeler, and making the highways a safe place for people to drive.





How to avoid accidents in an 18 wheeler